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2016 April Contest: Femio's Casting Call by Asatira 2016 April Contest: Femio's Casting Call by Asatira
:iconclub-tutu: April 2016 Contest
Femio’s Casting Call

In an unprecedented case of universe jumping and fourth-wall breaking, we are…honored to present an incredible opportunity for our members. Infamous Gold Crown Academy dance student Femio has graced us with a last-minute open audition call. Somehow he has managed to get the academy to agree to host a production of his creation, his first public and official unlike all the other times he has done this on campus performance. However, for reasons that he cannot quite fathom, none of the lovely and talented but not as talented as he *cough* so he says *cough* dance students have been unwilling unable to attend his auditions.

So, now Femio turns to Club-Tutu to pluck virtual unknowns from obscurity to perform in his masterpiece. All you need to do is audition. In his infinite wisdom, he has chosen to take advantage of the break in the dimensions and modern technology to accept your electronic submission. All you need to do is record yourself dancing. Classical ballet, modern dance, swing, popping, whatever it is that parents do that embarrasses their kids. All styles accepted! He’s not picky! Just show off what you can do! He really needs dancers for this thing!
Things to keep in mind:
:bulletred: All styles are accepted.
:bulletblack: It must be a video recording.
:bulletred: Include a brief introduction of yourself and your undying admiration for the creative genius that is Femio, the Prince of Gold Crown Academy.

To Enter:
:bulletpink: Video submissions only
:bulletgreen: Only entries that adhere to the rules set in the contest prompt will be accepted.
:bulletpink: To be an official entry, you must submit your piece into the "2016 Femio Contest" gallery folder by the deadline.
:bulletgreen: After the deadline has passed, the folder will be closed and no new submissions will be accepted.
:bulletpink: As per general contest rules, you are allowed to submit up to three entries. (Admin may only submit one.) but why would you submit more than one? or any? really we’re only doing this so he’ll stop bugging the school and Mr. Cat can stop scratching up the furniture. the poor man has already gone through his collection of scratching posts
:bulletgreen: If more than three fan fiction/prose entries are received, a separate voting bracket will be held.

Deadline: April 1, 2016, 11 p.m. PST (-8 GMT)

Popular Choice: Featured as the star principal dancer in Femio’s new ballet and to serve as his muse.
Admins' Choice: Featured in Femio’s new ballet as part of the corps.
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